We synthesize the world’s biomedical knowledge.

The explosion of biomedical knowledge should be a boon, not a problem.

Natural language is at the heart of how we learn, associate and communicate concepts and ideas in healthcare. However, our capacity to read and process this wealth of information cannot keep up with the explosion of biomedical literature. What if we could synthesize all the world’s biomedical knowledge to augment our ability to generate insights and improve the way we make decisions in healthcare?

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Bringing together the best of all biomedical knowledge.

Healthcare faces a seemingly unsurmountable task of data silo-ism. Information exists as unstructured and structured text in the form of literature, omics data, real world evidence (RWE), electronic health records (EHR) and other bio-signals. Separately, they offer limited utility. However, we believe healthcare can be reimagined by triangulating concordant signals from all those data siloes. What if we could break the barriers of healthcare data silos to power novel discoveries? nference has the solution.

Meet the team

Making the world's biomedical knowledge computable

The nference team, comprised of successful serial tech entrepreneurs and leading data, research and clinical scientists trained at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Medical School, works closely with pharmaceutical partners to solve some of today’s biggest challenges in drug discovery and clinical research. At the heart of these collaborations, our AI software platform - nferX - plays a central role in augmenting the scientists’ abilities to generate holistic data-driven and unbiased hypotheses in a rapid manner. nferX uses state-of-the-art neural networks (shallow and deep learning models) for real-time, automated extraction of knowledge from scientific, clinical, regulatory and commercial datasets.

Temporal view Temporal view

The temporal view provides retrospective and prospective predictions of associations between entity pairs specified by the user. Statistical inference overlaid on this view enables instant assessment of the strength and specificity of each association. This can be used to predict and identify major breakthroughs and discoveries long before others can.

Synthesis view Synthesis view

The synthesis view seamlessly integrates insights from unstructured text-based scientific literature (e.g. PubMed, Clinicaltrials.gov, SEC filings...) and a plethora of structured databases (e.g. Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS), Gene Expression, RNA-seq, FDA Adverse Events, Prescription, Insurance Claims...) to summarize the relationship between a search query and any collection of entities of interest (e.g. genes, diseases, companies, phenotypes...).

Specialized apps Specialized apps

The nferX platform has a wide array of specialized apps where the user can dig deeper on a particular area of interest - e.g. the user can learn more about specific adverse events for a given class of drugs and analyze the available evidence from structured datasets (such as FDA Averse Events) as well as from unstructured textual corpora. We have a wide range of apps ranging from genomics to chemistry and market intelligence.

How can nference help your organization?

The nference solution can be applied to a growing range of applications:

Drug Discovery: Identifying emerging targets, mechanisms of actions (MoAs) for diseases with unmet medical need.

Life Cycle Management: Selecting the ideal diseases and patients segments for drugs and targets in development.

Drug Development: Optimizing combination therapies for immuno-oncology and other disease areas.

Precision Medicine: Determining the drivers (based on genomic data and other patient-level datasets) for drug response and resistance at a patient level.

Qrativ: A biotech startup formed by Mayo Clinic and nference.

As the first significant move toward AI-powered drug development, nference and the Mayo Clinic established the Qrativ joint venture in 2017 to purpose clinically-tested therapeutic programs for more optimal disease processes with significant unmet need. nference will continue to selectively establish additional partnerships with eminent healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies. These organizations have complementary expertise and rich troves of proprietary longitudinal data sets that amplify the impact of the nference AI platform in drugs, diagnostics, and digital solutions.

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