We synthesize the world’s biomedical knowledge.

The world’s biomedical knowledge is huge, and it keeps growing exponentially.

That’s great for humanity, right? Yes, but there’s a catch. Most of it is in text form, and there are millions of new documents per year. The problem is that each of us can only read a tiny portion of all that literature. What’s the point of having all that knowledge if we can't synthesize it and leverage it?

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Bringing together the best of the tech and biotech worlds.

To tackle the challenge of synthesizing the world's biomedical knowledge, we knew that artificial intelligence (AI) could be a tremendous asset... but that AI alone would not be sufficient to achieve our goal. We recognized from Day 1 that we needed experts in the biomedical world to be an integral part of our team. That’s why nference is comprised of successful serial entrepreneurs from the tech space and PhDs in Biology/Genomics from MIT and Harvard Medical School.

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Our software solution

Our knowledge synthesis platform - nferX - uses state-of-the-art Neural Networks (shallow and deep learning models) for real-time, automated extraction of knowledge from the commercial, scientific, and regulatory body of literature. The platform enables a diverse set of applications ranging from R&D to commercial strategy and operations in the life sciences ecosystem.

Spatial view Spatial view

The spatial view enables large-scale knowledge synthesis to highlight statistically significant associations across entity collections. The collections are derived from various structured bioinformatics knowledge bases and can be augmented with user-specified custom collections.

Synthesis view Synthesis view

The synthesis view seamlessly integrates insights from unstructured text-based scientific literature (e.g. PubMed, Clinicaltrials.gov, SEC filings...) and a plethora of structured Bioinformatics databases (e.g. Genomics, RNA-seq, FDA adverse events...).

Temporal view Temporal view

The temporal view provides retrospective and prospective predictions of associations between entity pairs specified by the user. Statistical inference overlaid on this view enables instant assessment of the strength and specificity of each association.

How our customers use nferx

By synthesizing the world's biomedical knowledge, we empower our Pharma and Biotech customers to uncover insights across their entire pipeline and commercial portfolio.

R&D scientists no longer have “blind spots” in their research.

Translational medicine experts discover disease similarities by phenotypes for clinical trial design.

Corporate strategists identify “white spaces” (i.e. indications where company should invest) in a scientific manner.

Business Development executives identify strategic investments at their incipient stages to maximize ROI.

Our approach to APIs

We believe in empowering our customers - bioinformaticians, data scientists, computational biologists, biostatisticians, business analysts... - to write their own custom apps via the nferX APIs. We believe our collective efforts will maximize the power of the nferX platform in our customers' businesses.

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custom apps

3rd party apps

nferX as a service platform

Qrativ: A biotech startup formed by Mayo Clinic and nference.

Qrativ combines nference’s AI-driven knowledge synthesis capabilities with the clinical expertise and proprietary data of Mayo Clinic, the # 1 hospital in the US. This partnership revolutionizes the way new treatments are discovered and developed, particularly those for diseases with unmet medical need.

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